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TEXT-IN RESPONSES: Wyoming Legislature Again Considers Ending Time Changes

The Wyoming Legislature will once again consider a bill that would eliminate the Spring and Fall time changes in the state.  House Bill 15, sponsored by Park County Republican Representative Dan Laursen, states that if three states surrounding Wyoming were to decide to go to mountain daylight saving time year-round, then Wyoming would follow suit.

Several similar bills have been introduced to the legislature in years past.  Supporters say the time change disrupt people’s sleep patterns and lead to increased accidents for no valid reason, and business would be negatively effected by being on different time zones as neighboring states.  Opponents say the time changes are a tradition that people have gotten used to and that they help farmers.

Wednesday morning during the Weekday Wake-up on Swift 98 and The Spur, Duke & Dahl asked listeners if they like the time change occurring twice per year or if they would like to see the time changes go away.  Here are their responses.

In Favor of Keeping Time Changes

“Getting tired of this coming around every legislature. LEAVE IT ALONE.”

“I would like our lawmakers to focus on more pressing issues I guess.”

In Favor of Getting Rid of Time Changes

“Yes.  Love the extra sun time after work in the afternoons.”

“Get rid of the change .. old Indian said “only a government could think you can cut the bottom off of a blanket and sew it to the top to make it longer”.

“I like daylight savings time year around if not leave it like it is now spring ahead or fall back.”

“Get rid of the time changes.”

“Keep the time one or the other, it’s confusing to my canines, as their internal clocks don’t know when feeding time is twice a year…”

“Get rid of the time change!!”

“Keep it Standard Time year round. We don’t need 10pm sundown. Like Nevada.”

“Daylight savings is so 1900s.”

“So to be clear, we would be on central time? I’m for it.”

“All for it.”

“WHY does Wyoming have to wait for three other states before we can think of a change?!?! Daylight Saving Time!! My husband has commuted to Jackson for 20 years. He leaves home in the dark and comes home in the dark. Whichever gives the most light hours is my vote.”

“Would we be in central and pacific time zones??? Lol. I say…the country should stop changing the clocks!!! Stay summer hours!”

“Stop messing with nature -no dst anywhere!”



  1. Please end the time change. When your a farmer the critters dont care what the clock says. They go by the sun.

  2. Stay on Mountain STANDARD time… only the Eastern border is close to Central time. Our other border states– CO, ID, UT and MT are on Mountain Time!

  3. If it were up to me I’d set the clock ahead 2 hours and leave it there. Moving it ahead for 6 mo. is better than not at all. I just don’t get why changing the time is a big deal. And I don’t think you should be asking me for my email address.

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