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TEXT-IN TOPIC RESPONSES: Approve or Disapprove of the Lincoln County Mask Mandate?

Lincoln County’s Public Health Officer issued a public health order on Wednesday requiring masks to be worn in Lincoln County. The order is effective through December 4.

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 have spiked in recent weeks in Lincoln County and around the state of Wyoming. The order was put in place as an effort to slow down the increase in cases.

Various law enforcement agencies, including the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, Kemmerer Police Department and Afton Police Department released statements saying they will not actively enforce the mask mandate, while reiterating that businesses do have the right, if they choose, to require mask use from customers. In addition, Lincoln County Attorney Spencer Allred told SVI Radio that “I won’t say that I will never prosecute anything, but we certainly are not going to be actively prosecuting people for mask violations. I want to make sure people are respectful of others and to our private business owners who wish to exercise their rights on their won properties.”

During the Weekday Wakeup on SVI Radio (Swift 98 and The Spur), Duke & Dahl asked listeners how they felt about the mandate and if they supported the action taken by the public health officer or if they were apposed by the mandate. Below are their responses.

In Favor of Mandate

“Health officials are trying to stop a pandemic. They are trying to make sure that there is room at a hospital if you have an emergency. Cooperate for the benefit of others.”

“Sometimes we all need to buckle down and do the right thing for others. Those complaining about their personal rights are not thinking about the rights of others. The complainers are just plain selfish.”

“Wear a mask, it may save a life! If you can’t figure that out on your own then Stay Home!”

“Let’s assume best intentions! Our public health officials are trying to protect our businesses, our economy, and our schools. Let’s respect and show compassion toward each other and work together to beat this.”

“Show some respect is exactly right. People should stop thinking their opinions matter more than experts experience.”

“It’s not a big deal. We need to work together. Please wear a mask.”

“It’s a piece of cloth I don’t understand why it’s a big deal.”

“The analysis that a virus can go through a mask is incomplete. The covid virus is largely spread by droplets, and your mask is quite effective in blocking the disease-carrying Covid virus. Therefore, I try to remember to wear a mask–not because of any edict, but because I am concerned about my neighbor’s health. Please remember that, although the death rate for Covid is very, very low, for diabetics it approaches 20%, and for those over 80, it can approach 50%! Please, don’t kill grandma!”

“I am confused about this COVID business. My question is why do people have to fight about something as stupid as a mask when they can just buck up, be mature and wear the things? It’s not that hard and it shows your respect for other people. It’s not about what the government says, it’s about how we can do the best we can to help others out.”

“Just do it, it’s not gonna kill you!”

“I approve it. Why is everyone making such a fuss about it? As a teacher I’ve been wearing one since August so that I can be in school with everyone’s kids!! Help us out parents! Wear your masks for a few minutes while you are out in public. Please! More and more kids are getting sick.”

Not In Favor of Mandate

“I think it is a individuals right to wear a mask. But it is not okay to mandate something and give that much power to an unelected office. Even if there is wisdom in their mandate, that is is a slippery slope I prefer not to explore. Especially when there is conflicting evidence like the Denmark study, that has evidence that the masks provide little to no protection against Covid.”

“Absolute disappointment in this mandate look at the evidence of the surrounding areas that I had this mandate in place for a while now they are all at an all-time high for COVID-19. So the evidence that mask slow this down is not there and the effects and it’s going to do on the small businesses in this valley is going to push more people into ordering online for their Christmas stuff versus going into local businesses and buying Locally. A lot of our small business need why on Christmas time of the year to help with their revenue so I hope this mandate doesn’t put more small businesses in our area out of business.”

“I feel like the govt is showing us that they have to much power and are reaching way to far. Is it possible to do a good old CONTROL ALT DELETE on the government and what they think they need order us to do?”

“This mask mandate, along With all the other mask mandates in the country, are simply a power trip, or attempted power trip. Almost all of these groups pushing this mask idea seem to be from The far left. This whole thing is political. These groups can’t win elected positions so this is their path to control. Masks don’t work on a virus like this. Teton county is the perfect example. I mean come on, I walk in a restaurant, have to wear a mask until I set down, then all of a sudden I am Safe once I have sat down?? So silly.”

“Mask mandate is unconstitutional. We need herd immunity. Masks didn’t work in Teton County their numbers are still high.”

“I’m certainly not a big fan of masks nor being told what to do especially with the lack of proof they work! I will be stocking up on items we need so as not to have to play the game on a daily basis.”

“Not gonna comply! The government is supposed to do the bidding of the people, not the other way around!”

“The homeless population do not have any masks and they all sleep together on the lawn they are not getting Covid we are all wearing masks staying away from each other And we are the ones getting sick and depressed what’s up with that They don’t even have showers and wash their hands But I think there immune system is so good there not getting sick”

“I’d like to know how they’re going to enforce it. I trust law enforcement in our County to uphold the constitution as they swore to defend when they received their badges. Law enforcement works for the community, not the health department. A virus, no matter how deadly, does not override our constitutional rights.”

“This reminds me of the camel in the tent theory…..Whats next mandated vaccines!”

“Ridiculous never thought Wyoming would become Communist California.”

“We are free men and women why do we need to have someone tell us what to do.”

“Teton county has had a mask mandate for 4 months…has it worked? 38 states have a mandate and about 75% of them are experiencing a surge…is it working? Some in the medical field say fabric masks do not work. Are they right?”

“I do not understand how a non-elected individual has any right/power to issue any mandates to the public. Health officers in this state are way overstepping their bounds and dictating what happens in private businesses and families. There is zero checks and balances on their “power” as they are not elected officials. I vote we eliminate state and county health officials or make their office an elected position. As is, this whole thing is out of line with liberty and democracy.”

“The Governor is not a king and I am not a subject! We are free men & women not slaves. If masks are so effective then will someone tell me why positive cases are increasing. It’s a virus so small it can pass ten-abreast through most masks!!”

“I wear a mask when I feel it is necessary, however I see this as one more thing the government/leadership is. Usurping” power” over us , so you may see me showing my rebellious streak.”

“I am not for the mandate, however I think we all need to be grateful that the we haven’t had to have it for months and months like other states.”

Other (did not specify support or no support)

“As a business owner I have to enforce mask wearing or the public health officer or other state offices that issue my license could shut down my business.”

“As a business owner I will let customers choose.”

“I have a local business, and I will continue to tell customers that they do not have to wear a mask at my place of business.”

“If the business is requiring it put it on and don’t harass the employees or don’t go to that business. The employees can’t help what their work is requiring.”

“I find it interesting that we are so worried about who’s right and who’s wrong which is a direct result of self gain, rather we should be worried about what we can do to help and what is needed, we all want our rights protected in which many have given the great sacrifice of life, and that we should never forget or belittle the significance of that, and when you look at it from that prospective, they that fought and are fighting for our freedoms were, and are not thinking of themselves but for all of us and the future, this time of year i feel we should have more compassion and more patience, be considerate of others, looking far beyond this moment. ” quoting a movie I used to watch with my kids years ago, ( Pollyanna) “Look for the good in others and you will certainly find it.” In short be considerate of others if out and about around public.”

“Wow nothing has really changed, those that wear mask will, those that don’t will not be shot. So settle down people.”

“I really don’t know. If it requires it then you should wear it and I wear a mask when I want to but if the business wants you to wear a mask I will.”

Let us know what you think!