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Thayne Food Bank receives donation

◆ Funds will be used to meet community needs.

Click the picture to be taken to the Thayne Food Bank Facebook Page.

EMT and Fire Training Incorporated, a company that offers online training and recertification options for emergency first responders, recently made a donation to the Thayne Food Pantry.

“EMT and Fire Training Inc. recognizes that during the pandemic food bank donations have become even more important to the many thousands of people who need assistance,” said Kathy Robinson, Director of Admissions for EMT and Fire Training, Inc. “EMT and Fire Training, Inc, has made donations in each area where its employees live and work.”

To date, the company has given $1,000 donations in Sandpoint, Idaho; Priest Lake, Idaho; Priest River, Idaho; Post Falls, Idaho; Spokane Valley, Wa; Vernal, Utah; Thayne, Wyo; and Ellis County, Okla.
According to Julie Buckley of the Thayne Food Bank, the services offered by area food banks remain critical.

“This donation comes at a very good time,” she said. “The Thayne Food Bank continues in its efforts to meet the community’s needs during this pandemic. This donation allows us to get the products that we need to fill in the holes.”

The Thayne Food Pantry is in need of pasta, soup, macaroni and cheese, peanut butter, baking items and ingredients and toilet paper, Buckley said.

“Of course we welcome any and all donations,” she said. “They really make a huge difference.”

For more information on the Thayne Food Bank, visit the food bank’s Facebook page.