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Thayne woman charged in fatal accident

PINEDALE (WNE) — The woman charged with aggravated homicide while intoxicated – killing a Pinedale man in a New Year’s Day collision in Hoback Canyon – made her first court appearance Monday at 11:30.

Jade S. Jewkes, 28, who lives in Thayne and works in Jackson, was arrested Jan. 1 after her SUV collided with a pickup-plow truck driven by Shane Deal Friday afternoon near Granite Hot Springs Road.

Jewkes is charged in Sublette County with two felony counts of aggravated homicide, one for driving with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher and one for being intoxicated to the degree of being incapable of safely driving. She is also charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.

In this hearing Judge Curt Haws explained the charges, penalties, bail and a preliminary hearing where he will decide if there is cause to bond over the felony charges to 9th District Court.

Sublette County Attorney Mike Crosson requested Jewkes’ bail to be set at $75,000 cash only – “Obviously she has demonstrated herself to be a serous threat to the community.”

He referred to numerous calls made by other drivers about Jewkes’ driving and a Wyoming Highway Patrol affidavit.

Crosson asked for $150,000 cash or surety bond; Judge Haws agreed. Jewkes must wear the SCRAM bracelet and stay in Teton and Sublette counties. She is not allowed to drive or consume alcohol or controlled substances.