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Top Outdoor Activities That You Can Still Enjoy This Winter

Top Outdoor Activities That You Can Still Enjoy This Winter

While the pandemic may have put a damper on any of your travel plans to escape the cold weather, there are still plenty of ways for you to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors. Winter offers more socially-distant outdoor activities than any other season so long as you can handle the harsh weather. Whether you’re on your own or trying to entertain your family, these top outdoor activities that you can still enjoy this winter will keep you active during the cold months ahead.

Nature Trails

Just like during the warmer seasons, taking a trip to the nature trails all around western Wyoming, especially Yellowstone, is one of the most popular options available to you. Traveling to and on these trails may look a bit different during the winter, since many roads in national parks close for the snowy winter months. It may not be possible to hike or drive around on a nature trail, so try these exciting methods of transportation instead:


Though you can’t drive a traditional vehicle on nature trails or roads during the winter, many parks allow snowmobiles instead. Snowmobiling through your favorite summer trails will provide you with a speedy new twist on your typical park experience. You can protect yourself and others while having fun by using all the appropriate gear and maintaining a safe distance between snowmobiles.

Cross-Country Skiing

Another way to travel along nature trails that requires a little more exercise than snowmobiling is with your trusty skis. Skiing your favorite cross-country paths is a more efficient way to enjoy nature than hiking those same paths, especially when they’re covered in snow. Make sure to pack accordingly for your ski trip—even though you’ll be having fun, it’s still an exhausting outdoor activity that requires safety precautions.

Fishing and Hunting

For some families, ice fishing is a traditional bonding activity that happens every year. If you’ve never tried ice fishing, this year is the time to do it. You can stay as distant as you want while fishing and you can safely bring a family member along.

Hunting is always an excellent way to pass time in the winter. Before you go out, read up on the state’s game laws and regulations to learn how much you can hunt, where, and by which means. Don’t forget to update your fishing license as well, especially when the new year comes around.

Hit the Slopes

Mountain resorts are home to most of the top outdoor activities that you can still enjoy this winter, including skiing, snowboarding, and tubing slopes that are open for limited business this winter. Reserve your spot in the park ahead of time and you’ll have a safe place to distance yourself from others as you speed down the hills and kick up fresh powder. Just remember to follow the resort and state’s social distancing regulations.