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University of Wyoming drafts COVID-19 closure plans

The University of Wyoming has put together a comprehensive plan to return students to campus which began back on June 1 with the reintegration of student-athletes in Laramie. Officials have now released a plan to address any increase in COVID-19 cases moving forward.

Under the draft proposal presented last Thursday to the university’s Board of Trustees, the college could go into a so-called “targeted pause” of campus activities if as few as one person tests positive for the coronavirus or if people disregard the plan requirement such as mask-wearing.

During a pause, specific buildings, floors or classrooms could be closed for three to five days for cleaning. University and public health officials would discuss whether a broader closure or policy change would be necessary.

A short-term campus closure could happen during a significant increase of coronavirus cases or if evidence emerges of significant community spread of the virus. In that scenario, most on-campus teaching and other work would shut down for up to two weeks.