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Utah and Wyoming rank among the most charitable states

According to a recent study from, Wyoming ranks among the most charitable states in the nation.

Utilizing several factors including volunteer rate, the percentage of donated income, the percentage of donated time, those who donate money, those who collect and distribute food and the most charities per capita, the analysts compared the 50 states.

Wyoming ranked #4 overall. The Cowboy State’s neighbor to the south, Utah, ranked #1 in the study with Maryland and Minnesota ranking second and third respectively. Wisconsin rounded out the top five.

Other Wyoming neighbors did not fare as well. South Dakota ranked #8, North Dakota ranked #17, Nebraska was #20 and Idaho was #23. Colorado was #26 and Montana was #42.

Among the factors considered, Utah ranked #1 in highest volunteer rate, the highest percentage of donated time, the highest percentage of those to donate money and did so while ranking #49 in charities per capita. Wyoming tied with Utah among those with the highest percentage of donated income.

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