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(Video) – Need a laugh? Take a cue from this baby

THE HIGH CHAIR — Whatever this says about me, I don’t love babies.
They’re fine as humans go, but I don’t seek out their company or crave interaction with them. (I accept that some people will think my opinion makes me a monster, and I’m fine with that.)

However, the one thing about babies that I do love is when they get into the belly-laugh stage. You know what stage I’m talking about — the stage where everything seems to be funny, so hysterical laughter comes easily. I love it partly because it’s hard to resist pure joy, and partly because what babies find funny is inexplicable.

Take for instance the baby in this video. She thinks her dad is a regular comedian for bobble-catching a plastic container and saying “Woah!” over and over and over again. The inane repetition would be boring for anyone else except a baby. It’s the tiredest of slapstick jokes.

I know that there are hundreds if not thousands of videos of this kind on the internet or squirreled away on parents’ phones. But the thing about these videos is that it doesn’t matter how many exist, for they will always be the best thing to hear when you need a few seconds of cheer.

If you’re not at least grinning from ear-to-ear after seeing this, I guarantee your money back for watching this free video.

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