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Woman pleads not guilty in $363,000 embezzlement

RIVERTON (WNE) — Charged with the largest embezzlement in the county in eight years, Laura Burleson pleaded “not guilty” Sept. 23 in Fremont County District Court.

District Court Judge Jason Conder decided at the arraignment hearing that Burleson – also known as Laura Veach or Laura Logan – no longer has to wear an ankle monitor while out on bond, especially because she is roughly nine months pregnant.

Burleson stands accused of four separate felonies, each punishable by up to 10 years in prison and $10,000 in fines – for a total possible 40 years and $40,000 if she is convicted.

A forensic accounting process and tracking of checks, payments and accounts for M&M Well Service has led authorities to believe that Burleson stole $363,769 from the minerals company, which was formerly her employer.

“This would actually be 26 felonies if the state wished to charge it as such,” noted Fremont County Attorney deputy Seth Griswold, who is prosecuting the case. “It’s overwhelming – we have a paper trail for everything, and showing that every check was written by her, signed by her.”

The embezzlements with which she is charged are reported to have started in November of 2014, with the last one dating to February 2018.