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5 Fun Outdoor Activities to Do With Your Nature-Loving Dog

5 Fun Outdoor Activities to Do With Your Nature-Loving Dog

There’s no better time to embrace the sunshine than in the summer. If sunny exploration days are your favorite, then let your dog in on the fun. Especially if you have an active pup that loves to run around or even just bask in the sun, then we’ve got just the thing for you. Below you’ll find some fun outdoor activities to do with your nature-loving dog. Try out a few, and see how you and your dog can bond this summer season!


For a lot of people in Wyoming and Idaho, camping is a way of life. It’s a way to get closer to nature and unwind from the stress of daily life. But did you know that your dog wants that tension relief as well? If you have a dog that loves nature, then this is definitely the activity for you! Make sure to pack right and bring all the camping essentials for your dog—they’ll be happier if you remember their toys!

Dog Parks

If you’re just looking for some daily outdoor fun with your dog, then head to the park. You’ll have to make sure that the parks are open and adhere to any social distancing guidelines, but otherwise, it should work just fine. This is also an excellent time to key in on some training for your pup. What better time than now to hone their skills and communication?

Beach Days

If you can head to a lake, river, or another body of water with your pup, do it. Summer is hot, and as hard as the heat is on you, it’s even harder on your dog. If you’re planning a full day on the water and in the sunshine, then that isn’t the day to bring your pup. But if you only plan on making a short trip, then your dog will love to splash around and sunbathe!

Walks, Runs, and Hikes

This is another easy yet fun outdoor activity to do with your nature-loving dog that doesn’t take too much effort on your part. When you’re going on your daily walk, take the dog. If your kids are going on a run, have them take the dog. When you go on your weekend morning hike, take your dog! Sometimes the simplest ways to let your dog enjoy the fresh air is simply to remember to bring them with you.


Planning to make the most of sunshine and summer foods with a picnic? This is another activity you can let your pup enjoy with you. Sometimes the most exciting activity for your dog is just getting to spend time outside with you. So while you and your family are enjoying your backyard picnic, let the dog tag along. Bring some of their favorite treats so they won’t feel left out, and don’t forget to bring a lot of water!

Enjoy the summer sun with your pet!