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Afton Challenge Hillclimb postponed due to “poor riding conditions”.

One of the most anticipated stops on the Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Hillclimb Association (RMSHA) circuit, the Afton Challenge Hillclimb event held annually near Grover is in danger of being cancelled.

The event was scheduled to begin this Thursday, February 15 but according to the Star Valley Ridge Riders, the snow levels are “well short” of the 18 inches required by the National Forest Service on the hill.

Organizers have stopped short of cancelling the event and in the recent past moved the event to Cokeville to take advantage of better conditions.

The 2017-18 winter has been unseasonably warm on the valley floor as residents have already experienced rain on several days in February and temperatures in the 40’s.

This week’s weather forecast calls for some potential snow this week but very little if any accumulation on the valley floor.