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Afton Police Department investigating alleged child abuse

By Sarah Hale, SVI Media

The Afton Police Department is actively investigating an incident of alleged child abuse. The case involves a six-month-old infant.

According to information provided by Afton Police Chief Jason Romberg, in the late afternoon hours of Friday, Nov. 2, 2018 the Afton Police Department was notified that an infant had been life flighted to Primary Children’s Hospital with serious injuries.

According to a search warrant unsealed in Third District Court, a 6-month-old girl was flown from Afton to Primary Children’s Hospital after doctors in Afton “located a brain bleed.”

At Primary Children’s Hospital doctors discovered “multiple injuries,” including fractured skull, bruises on the child’s neck, arm and foot and a broken collarbone that was in the process of healing.
Area law enforcement was then notified of a case of possible child abuse.

“The Salt Lake Police Department assisted Afton Police Officers along with agents from the State of Wyoming Department of Criminal Investigation in executing search warrants for seizure of evidence,” said Afton Police Chief Jason Romberg. “As the incident is under active investigation and due to the nature of the allegations, the names of any suspects or victims cannot be released at this time per rules of Wyoming Criminal Procedure.”

Chief Romberg also asked the public to “be patient as this investigation is ongoing.”
“Upon completion of the investigation, affidavits will be filed with the Lincoln County Attorney’s Office for review,” Chief Romberg said.


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