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All the latest information from Star Valley Arts Council…

Tim Hale spoke with SVI media this week and updated the community on the roster of upcoming events for the Star Valley Arts Council. 

The Star Valley Arts Council has chosen a date, May 15, for the upcoming Spring Fling, a spring version of the usual Stars of The Valley Christmas program. Hale encouraged all participants, “So anybody in the community whether you are a dance group, a soloist, if you play an instrument, anybody can sign up for this show. Come on out and perform. It’s called the Spring Fling, but there is no theme at all. It’s basically come and play whatever you would like. We’re going to provide the facility, the audio, and probably even team up with SVI to do a broadcast so it’s gonna be really fun.” 

SVI media’s, Duke Dance threw down the gauntlet saying, “I want to see a local stand-up comedian come out of the woodworks and put on a little bit here for the spring fling.” Hale commented that he loved the idea and encouraged potential participants to contact him at or phone him at 307-201-9514 to get signed up. Enrollment is open any time now and participants can begin signing up.

The Spring Fling is tentatively scheduled at Star Valley High School, but the council has the Ford theater as a back-up plan if the high school venue doesn’t work out. 

Hale detailed another upcoming event. The Arts Council is teaming up with Kearsley Nursery in Thayne to have an art show combined with a farmer’s market in early June. Hale said, “We want to make sure we’re involving each community across the valley. We’ll be reaching out to all of the artists across the valley to come display your work or set up a little canopy, get your artwork under there––you can sell your artwork, and come and enjoy a farmer’s market too.” 

Hale teased a surprise event that the Arts Council is “going to go to the ends of the earth to see if it can happen.” It’s possible there will be a very exciting show in April. Hale and the council have begun working to see if they can bring it to the community and encouraged everyone to stay tuned. 

The Arts Council will be returning to some of their stock events in the upcoming season. Montana Shakespeare in The Park will be coming to Thayne in mid to late July. The Pumpkin Walk is on the calendar, along with a spook alley. The Stars in The Valley Christmas Concert is planned and those events, according to Hale, “are just the tip of the iceberg.”

SVI Media and the Arts Council have some vocalist events in the planning stages and plan to have announcements out within the next week or two about those events.