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Aaron Feeley

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: NBA Conference Finals and NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs round 2 preview

Aaron and Dahl discuss the glorious game 7’s from the NHL round 1 final day, and the atrocious game 7’s from the NBA round 2 action, plus an update on Tarik Cohen, some Desaun Watson talk, and the top stories…

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Tom Brady to Fox and the weekly sports news roundup!

Aaron and Dahl talk Tom Brady’s future career as an NFL analyst, the NFL Draft, USFL power rankings, NHL Playoffs, and fatherhood. Spotify: Youtube:

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Stanley Cup Playoffs Preview

Aaron goes it alone this week as he looks ahead toward the NHL postseason, the NBA playoffs are into round 2, USFL power rankings, and the crosstown rivalry round 1 goes to the Southside. Video Version: Spotify Version:

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: NFL Draft Preview

Aaron and Dahl break down some final thoughts before the NFL Draft tomorrow night, some USFL power rankings, the White Sox cold streak, the NBA playoffs, and more!   Spotify Version: Youtube Version:

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: USFL Week 1 recap, and the NBA Playoffs are here!

Aaron and Dahl talk the NBA playoff starting, the upcoming NFL draft, the White Sox great start, and week 1 from the USFL followed by Aaron’s power rankings after the opening weekend… Also is Christian Pache the nicest athlete in…

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Dan Snyder Guilty! And Do Sports Analysts Have No Conscience?

Spotify Version: Video Version:   Aaron and Dahl talk about the breaking report about the Washington owner being found guilty by congress, the death of Dwayne Haskins being handled extremely poorly by reporters, baseball’s here and Aaron is in love…

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Wrestlemania Review, Jayhawks are Champions, and Opening Day is Tomorrow!

Spotify Version Podbean version ┬áVideo Version   Aaron and Dahl talk the biggest sports events from this weekend, is wrestling a sport? Opening Day is tomorrow, the NHL Playoffs are coming up fast, and the NFL gets brought up yet…

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Aaron no longer a White Sox fan?

Aaron and Dahl talk Tony La Russa’s comments about Sox fans, NFL overtime rule changes, playoff predictions, final 4 preview, and more.   Video version here:

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: The Captain Speaks Out!

Finally some NHL news to talk about! Also the Browns got Desaun Watson, Aaron and Dahl’s teams were both knocked out of March Madness, and plenty more on this weeks episode. Video Version Here:

March Madness! Brady is Back, Free Agency Frenzy, oh and some College Basketball…

Aaron and Dahl discuss the flurry of news across this week in sports as March Madness gets underway. Video Link Here: