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SVHS Drama Team makes impression at State Drama Competition

Ainslie Bowman, Anna Haderlie, Rebekah Gillespie and Michelle Stucki present “She’s in Love” from The Little Mermaid, which earned them an All-State award.

◆ The team earned 10 All-State awards and five Honorable Mention awards.

Twenty six SVHS students traveled to Gillette December 8-10 to compete in the State Drama Competition. With entries in 22 events, SVHS walked away with 10 All-State awards and five Honorable Mention awards

Receiving perfect scores on three entries, the group scored one point behind Torrington in overall Musical Solo points, and the top school for overall Musical Group points.

“We had such great feedback while we were there,” shared Tami Nielsen, Drama Coach at SVHS, in an interview with SVI News this week. “Many people gave us congratulations on work well done. We had high praise from judges and college and university professors. Our kids represented our school very well.”

Michelle Stucki and Charlotte Crook earned an Honorable Mention award with their performance of “What is the Feeling” from Wicked.

The following students earned either All State or Honorable Mention awards in their competitive categories:

Musical Solo

•Isabel Hinton – Honorable Mention – “What Baking Can Do” from Waitress

• Ki Simkins – All State – “The Last Midnight” from Into the Woods

• Addie Waldron – All State – “Killer Instinct” from Bring it On

• Norrah Nielsen – All State and Perfect Score – “Screw Loose” from Crybaby

Musical Duet

• “What is This Feeling” from Wicked – Honorable Mention, Michelle Stucki and Charlotte Crook

• “Fine” from Ordinary Days – All State, Tom Cunningham and Norrah Nielsen

• Participants not placing included Casey Beeson, Grant Buchanan, Carlee White, Jon Buehler

Musical Group

• “I Know It’s Today” from Shrek – Honorable Mention, Koleea Burton, Josie Smith, Bailey Westover

• “She’s in Love” from The Little Mermaid – All State, Ainsley Bowman, Rebekah Gillespie, Anna Haderlie and Michelle Stucki

• “Welcome to the Rock” from Come from Away – All State and perfect score for Ammon Baird, Jonathan Buehler, Charlotte Crook, Erick Isaacson, Kylie Skousen, KarLee Rosa and Bridger Wolfley

• “Ex-Wives” from Six – All State and perfect Score for Avrie Eyre, Isabel Hinton, Norrah Nielsen, Ki Simkins, Addie Waldron and Carlee White.

Acting Monologue

• Koleea Burton – All State

• Participants – Creek Thomason, Anna Haderlie, Bailey Westover

Acting Duet

• “August and Anna” – All State, Josie Smith and Bailey Westover

• “The Very Bad Girl Scouts” – Honorable Mention, Ki Simkins and Addie Waldron

Novice Fantasy Makeup

• Isabel Hinton – All State

Novice Realistic Makeup

• Shae Peterson – Honorable Mention • Anna Olofson – Participant Marketing
• Anna Olofson – Participant

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