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Cokeville bike and pedestrian pathway project gets underway

◆ Virtual meetings planned for public.

The Town of Cokeville is working with the Lincoln County Planning Office on a bike and pedestrian path.
According to information provided by the Lincoln County Planning Office, a study to “recommend future bicycle and pedestrian improvements for the Cokeville area” is now underway.

The $40,000 pathway study, known formally as the Transportation Alternatives Master Plan, is funded in part by a grant from the Wyoming Department of Transportation.

“Community leaders have selected the firm of Y2 Consultants of Jackson to complete the planning study,” said Jeanette Fagnant, development administrator with the Lincoln County Planning Office. “In coming weeks, they’ll inventory existing bike and pedestrian facilities, count traffic, and collect employment and housing data to estimate local pedestrian and bicycling travel needs for children and adults.”

According to the Lincoln County Planning Office, products of the study will include:
• a Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan,
• a Safe Routes to School Plan, a Wayfinding Signage Plan,
• and an Implementation Plan.

“The plan will recommend a series of future component projects and budgets to complete a non-motorized network to serve the Cokeville community for many years to come,” said Fagnant.

As part of the study, the Cokeville community will have a chance to share ideas. However, due to COVID-19 regulations, all public involvment will be completed virtually, utilizing on-line meetings, Facebook, email, mail, and phone.

“Interested citizens are very welcome and encouraged to contribute ideas and preferences for the Plan,” said Fagnant. “As study materials are developed, they’ll also be posted on Facebook for public view, so be sure to like the project Facebook page: Cokeville Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan and check back frequently.”
Citizens can also contact Sara Fagan at Y2 Consultants at 307-733-2999 or email with questions and comments.

The Town of Cokeville plans to mail household surveys to “determine the extent of bicycling and walking, and to solicit public opinions.”

Two virtual public meetings (utilizing ZOOM) are planned in relation to the project. The public meetings are scheduled to take place on July 30 and November 19.