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Golf Cart Modifications for Off-Roading

Golf Cart Modifications for Off-Roading

You’re packing your bags for an epic camping trip or a weekend away hunting. All that’s left to decide is which vehicle will carry you down those rugged trails. Have you ever considered bringing your golf cart along for the trip? Make these golf cart modifications for off roading to prepare your cart for the drive.

Lift Kit

Raise the body of your golf cart high enough off the road with a lift kit. They’re easy to install and heighten your golf cart so it can accommodate larger tires. Lift kits also allow for a smoother ride along bumpy terrain, which will make your off-roading experience much more comfortable.


If you’ll be taking your golf cart off-roading, fit it with larger tires which can handle rough terrain. All-terrain tires are a good choice and will give your cart traction on bumpy, muddy, or slippery ground. Always choose the right tire size for your golf cart.

Fender Flares

Fender flares are installed above the wheels of your golf cart and keep mud, rocks, and other debris from splattering the driver and passengers. This modification is easy to make and is essential if you’ll be driving in wet or muddy weather.

Brush Guard

Brush guards provide extra protection for your cart’s front bumper. When you’re driving through wooded areas or fields with rocks or tall grass, brush guards take the brunt of the impact, keeping your cart from becoming scratched or otherwise damaged.


Similar to fender flares, a windshield will protect the drivers and passengers from flying mud and debris. If you expect such flying debris to be the norm, it’s wise to invest in a windshield to keep everyone clean and safe.

Next time you’re headed on an off-roading adventure, consider making these golf cart modifications for off-roading and taking your golf cart along. Your little golf cart might just surprise you with its off- roading capabilities.