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Jackson police check buses for mask use

JACKSON (WNE) — START is working with law enforcement to do random checks on buses to make sure passengers are wearing masks.

Cops will give verbal warnings and assist bus drivers in removing riders who do not comply with what is now a federal mandate to wear face coverings on all transit buses, START Director Darren Brugmann said at Friday afternoon’s town and county COVID-19 briefing.

“We consider this trespassing if you do not wear the face mask on our bus, and will be asked to leave our buses,” Brugmann said.

From a health perspective, mask wearing is especially important on commuter routes because trips are longer, he said.

Acknowledging that some people choose not to wear masks, Brugmann said, “If you do so, do not ride START.”

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Jackson Chief of Police Michelle Weber said police also made spot checks at 26 businesses over the past week to ensure people were complying with mask orders. Officers reported 98% compliance. Of the 2% not masked, the individuals were eating or drinking and had a mask with them, Weber said. No citations were given.