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Jackson police say tickets coming for mask violations

JACKSON (WNE) — Public health and law enforcement officials are fed up with some people and businesses that have been disregarding mask orders, and they say they’re ready to start ticketing those who can’t follow the rules.

“Up to this point, law enforcement has addressed the violations on a case-by-case basis,” Jackson Chief of Police Michelle Weber said at a recent COVID-19 community update meeting. “And we’ve used the opportunity to educate businesses, and in some circumstances customers, on the public health order.

“Because we are not getting the compliance with some businesses in particular … we are now considering issuing citations to those establishments who continue to refuse to comply with those public health orders that are in place.”

Weber said her department has been fielding complaints about two specific businesses and is communicating with managers there about the seriousness of mask compliance.

But Weber said she’s about done with verbal warnings after seeing a video of a bar packed full of maskless people watching football last week.

Teton County Director of Health Jodie Pond said she received the video in a formal complaint from a concerned community member and believed a call to the police department was necessary.

“It was a lot of people shoulder to shoulder,” Pond said. “It was very clear that the public health orders were not being followed.”

Pond said it’s frustrating to see people gathering like that, because the only way to keep valley businesses open is for people to be responsible and mindful when they’re out in public.



  1. So what chief Weber is trying to say is she & her department have had enough & are no longer going to uphold their oaths to the constitution. Weber is now a treasonous tyrant here to take our rights away. As per the WY constitution “adults in Wyoming are free to make their own health choices” if adult human beings want to sit shoulder to shoulder its their choice. Just remember who these tyrants are when they come up for election.

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