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Jackson stabbing case sent to district court

JACKSON (WNE) — Teton County Circuit Court Judge James Radda heard police testimony Jan. 14 that convinced him there is enough evidence for Riley Sills to be arraigned in felony court for a Dec. 30 alleged stabbing.

Sills is in the Teton County Jail, charged with attempted murder after police said he stabbed his neighbor, then hid in his apartment, resulting in an overnight standoff with police and his New Year’s Eve arrest.

In court Thursday morning, Jackson Police Detective Amanda White testified that the victim heard Sills say, “You die! You die!” just before the stabbing.

The victim thought he had been punched until he saw the blood trickling from his stomach, White testified.

“It was a big open wound,” she said.

The victim is out of the hospital but still recovering from a knife puncture to his liver, she said.

White, the only witness Chief Deputy Prosecutor Clay Kainer called during the preliminary hearing, said knives collected from Sills’ apartment, his clothes and the victim’s clothes have been sent to the state crime lab for testing.

Sills is represented by public defender Elisabeth Trefonas.

Trefonas pointed out that police didn’t look for any knives or evidence in adjoining apartments, only Sills’ apartment, even though at least 25 people live nearby.

Radda bound the case over to District Court.

“There is probable cause to believe Mr. Sills committed this offense,” Radda said.

Sills will be arraigned in 9th Judicial District Court at a later date.