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Livestock auction set for Saturday at the 2020 Lincoln County Fair

◆ This year attendees will be limited to “buyers only.”

The 2020 4H/FFA Livestock Sale will take place on Saturday, August 8 at the Lincoln County Fair.

“The livestock sale will be pretty much what everyone is used to from past years,” said Del Cunningham of the Lincoln County Fair Board. “There will be a livestock sale on Saturday morning. But this year due to crowd limits because of COVID-19 we are asking that only buyers attend. In years past we have had buyers as well as spectators who are there just to watch the sale. This year we are asking that it be buyers only.”

On Saturday, the Buyer Breakfast will begin at 8 a.m. Buyer registration will take place from 8-10 a.m. The 4H/FFA Livestock Sale will get underway at 10 a.m.

“Buyers can send a representative to the livestock sale if they choose to do that instead of attending,” said Cunningham. “We will also have a live broadcast of the sale. For those who cannot attend or choose not to attend, we would recommend the live broadcast option as a way to watch what is happening.”

For community members who wish to participate in the livestock sale add-ons, where individuals put money on an animal after it is sold, add-ons can be submitted during the livestock sale as well as after the sale, Cunningham said.

“For people who are not familiar with the ‘add on’ option, it is where people who don’t want to purchase an animal but still want to support the youth involved in the sale can add money on to an animal after it is sold,” said Cunningham. “Add ons can be for any amount and really do help these kids out.”

Cunningham encouraged area families to come out and enjoy the livestock barns prior to Saturday morning. Livestock shows are taking place throughout the week. The barns are open to the public and the different 4H clubs have decorated the barns to showcase and provide different information about the animals.