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Outdoor Activities for Novices

Outdoor Activities for Novices

Are you tired of being cooped up in your house all day? Have you wanted to get into an outdoor hobby but don’t know how to? No matter what part of life you’re in, it’s never too late to get into outdoor hobbies. These outdoor activities for novices can bring you a breath of fresh air while you dip your toes into the world of outdoor hobbies.


Maybe you haven’t ridden a bike since you were a kid, but we all know you never really forget how to ride a bike. Purchase a bike that suits the kind of biking you’re interested in—but, either way, you’re going to want to start on beginners’ trails. Whether you want to get into mountain biking or distance biking, you need to work on your endurance. Start with shorter bike rides on easy routes before moving onto off-road or long journeys. For off-road bike trips, make sure that any trail you pick is specifically catered to biking. Check online or in a guide to see which paths are best for beginners before you commit to one.


The only things you need for a quick hike are a water bottle, some sturdy outdoor shoes, and a beautiful location. Like biking, if you want to get serious about hiking as a hobby, then you’ll need to build up your endurance first. Once you can hike comfortably on a familiar trail, you can begin trying higher difficulty trails. Before any hike, make sure to prepare accordingly both physically and mentally. If you’re not confident about a new trail, then be sure to bring a buddy, so you’re less likely to get lost.


For anyone patient and willing to sit still for a while before experiencing the adrenaline of a catch, fishing is the perfect hobby. Fishing allows you to relax outside while offering the excitement of catching a fish. It’s also easy to find a fishing location that rents out equipment, like poles and boats, which means that you don’t have to commit to it right away. Before you start fishing, make sure to follow the laws of the state and get a fishing license. There might also be fishing regulations based on the area you fish in that can affect which fish you can take home or let go. Read up on any applicable rules or take an experienced friend to learn from.


When looking for something that you don’t have to go too far out of town to do, consider learning how to swim. Not only is swimming an important survival skill, but what you learn can be applied to both the pool and any other body of water.

With all outdoor activities for novices, remember to check the weather before you go. Hazardous weather can create dangerous situations for any outdoor hobbyist, so change your plans if danger is in the forecast!