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Police Investigating Bar Fight in Jackson Hole

Police in Teton County are  investigating a large bar fight that broke out Sunday, February 7 at the Hole Bowl in Jackson, Wyoming.

Sgt. Russ Ruschill with the Jackson Police Department said officers and Jackson Fire and EMS personnel were dispatched to the Hole Bowl at 10:56 p.m. Ruschill said the investigation revealed that a significant bar fight led to a few of the participants receiving major injuries. As on-scene officers investigated the incident, they were left with conflicting version of events from participants. The scene was chaotic, and one person was arrested on-scene for “criminal provocation due to his un-ending pursuit of other combatants.”

No video evidence from inside or outside of the restaurant is available to assist in the investigation. However, detectives say that multiple punches were thrown but the investigation is currently concentrating on two individuals involved. Ruschill said that one individual allegedly stuck another male in the back of the head with either a beer bottle or glass mug, resulting in a serious laceration.

The Jackson Police Department is looking for anyone who was at the Hole Bowl before, during, or after the Sunday evening fight. Detectives are also seeking any cell phone or other video, audio, or photographs anyone took during the fight. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Jackson Police Department at 307-733-1430. Callers may remain anonymous.