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Silver Star Applies for Fiber Optics Grants in Wyoming

Thayne, WY, July 17, 2020 – Silver Star has announced that it is applying for a grant to support
connecting even more areas than its current $100M/10-year network buildout calls for. As
announced in November of last year, a combination of federal funding and Silver Star’s own
investment aims to replace much of its DSL and fixed wireless broadband delivery with fiber
optics for more reliable internet connections and faster speeds.

The $100M plan uses Alternative Connect America (ACAM) funding to reach areas where
residents are not able to achieve speeds of 25/3 Mbps and greater. The new state-level grant
that Silver Star is applying for, if awarded, would allow the company to fund additional fiber
optic construction to serve areas that are not ACAM funded such as upper Star Valley.

The grant application is through the Connect Wyoming Broadband Initiative which has $1.25
billion available to Wyoming. Of this 1.25 billion, Governor Gordon has announced that $100
million will be used to fund broadband expansion through the Wyoming Cares Act. These funds
are designated to address locations that receive speeds that are less than 25 Mbps download
and 3 Mbps upload or population areas under 2000 or those areas that are unincorporated.

“Our vision statement is a world where everyone is connected and we want to connect as many
customers as possible to fiber optic technology,” said Barbara Sessions, Silver Star COO. “While
grants aren’t guaranteed, we are optimistic that we will be awarded some funding which is very
exciting for us and our customers,” Sessions added.

Silver Star is currently in the process of applying for the Wyoming funding and expects to hear if
the company will be awarded any of the aid by the beginning of August. Silver Star would like to
encourage upper Star Valley residents to send any letters of support for the grant application to no later than July 24.