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South Lincoln Hospital District expanding health services in the area

South Lincoln Hospital District has worked hard to offer new health services in the area and has recently opened or plan to open even more including specialty services.

CEO of the medical center, Carl Sundberg, says part of their mission and vision is to “bring care close to home”.

“We can’t do that for everything,” Sundberg said. “But there’s a certain number of things we can bring.”

He says patients can now see a dermatologist in Dr. Maughn and he will have a new PA join him full time in a month or so. If you need an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Allred has been in the community for a bit now and can help.

“He also is going to add a full-time practice professional who is going to be working with him here,” Sundberg said.

He also says Dr. Pritam Neupane is starting this week with his pulmonology practice.

“I’m really,really excited to start this,” Sundberg said. “A high altitude clinic and the ability for us to look at all kinds of respiratory illnesses, which living in such high altitudes just has an additional affect on people.”

He also says there is a new PA in its family practice clinic along with a new physician. On October 1st Dr. Catherine Depalma, pediatrician in Evanston, will join the hospital’s pediatric service line according to Sundberg. He says she should also be bringing on another pediatrician within the next year.

He says another factor to consider in trying to bring healthcare services closer to home is how it affects the economy.

“Healthcare dollars are economic dollars,” Sundberg said.

Each time a patient has to leave the state or travel to get services they have to spend money on gas, food, and possibly lodging.

“We really want to promote keeping care as local as possible,” Sundberg said. “And keep the Wyoming healthcare dollars and economic dollars in Wyoming.”

He also says they are looking to maintain that goal with their current capital campaign of expanding women’s health services as well.