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St. John’s and Star Valley Health address increase in COVID-19 cases

This is a press release from Star Valley Health

It has come to our attention that Teton County has seen a tremendous jump in COVID-19 patients and that their hospital, St. John’s Health, is treating six people for the coronavirus. This is unprecedented for the county, as they had previously only seen a high of three patients. Sadly, it has also hit their care center and a number of their employees have tested positive for the coronavirus. This can easily create the perfect storm for even the strongest of hospitals. With community members seeking care, employees out due to the coronavirus and internal patients sick, the hospital could be overwhelmed quickly.

In Lincoln County, our active cases grew from only 10 to 73 in a little over two weeks. This sharp rise in coronavirus cases can inundate small, local hospitals. As we see our neighbor to the north continue to courageously fight to keep their hospital from becoming overrun, we hope to share the same message, provide guidance and reassurance to the citizens of Lincoln County.

Star Valley Health has an emergency readiness plan in place and have been communicating with public health officials regularly. We must reduce the spread of coronavirus in order to protect our most vulnerable friends and neighbors, keep Star Valley Health running at optimal levels to treat others, such as in the event of a trauma. We are here for you, providing care in the direst of circumstances.

Reduce the spread of the virus:

Wear Your Mask. The mask protects others when worn over your nose and chin. Do not wear it on your ear, around your neck, on your chin or left in your purse or pocket. Please mask up to keep those germs from spreading to others. Masks are required in all SV Health facilities.
Wash Your Hands. Wash for at least 20 seconds, keep those fingers off of your face and to yourself.
Distance Yourself. We know this is the most difficult, a small handshake here, a hug there, or even lunch with a friend. Please, assume you are sick with a potentially deadly disease and say hello from a distance. Do not eat or drink in large gatherings and encourage your teens to remain vigilante.
Influenza (Flu) Shot. We encourage all residents to get the flu shot. It has not yet been fully determined how our bodies will handle the flu and COVID-19 at the same time. Please don’t be the one to find out.

If you have symptoms like a fever, shortness of breath, cough, body aches, fatigue, and sore throat, please call our Live Support Hotline: 307-885-5008, to answer questions regarding the coronavirus and symptoms you might be experiencing. COVID-19 testing is available at the southwest corner of the Afton Clinic or in Alpine at the first building you see upon turning into the parking lot. In the case of a medical emergency, patients should call 9-1-1 or visit the ER.