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Star Valley Health offers Diabetes Education courses

The program is certified and is the only comprehensive course taught by a Registered Dietitian, a Registered Nurse and a Pharmacist.

Nationally Certified Diabetes Education is offered at Star Valley Health as part of their education platform and mission, to encourage our community to pursue the best health possible.

SVH Education is available on topics such as diet, exercise, stress relief, medication managements and chronic conditions.

According to, “Diabetes Education Classes cover all the necessary topics in a casual yet knowledgeable way in order to keep patients engaged and learning, This nine-week class allows time for patients to implement the information they learn and address any difficulties before the class ends. Star Valley Health’s Diabetes Education Program is certified and is the only weekly comprehensive course taught by a Registered Dietitian, Registered Nurse, and a Pharmacist.”

SVH invites diabetic individuals to take the class if they fit into any of the following categories:

• Anyone newly diagnosed with diabetes.

• Any diabetic who is experiencing a change in current health conditions or a change in diabetes management.

• Any diabetic who is new to the area and establishing care.

• Any diabetic wanting to keep up with changes and stay ahead of your disease. states that “Medicare and Medicaid cover the cost of diabetes self-management education both in the first year of diagnosis, and annually for continuing support. Most private insurance companies have similar coverage, so be sure to contact your insurance provider to check.”

Anyone wanting to register for the class is encouraged to get a referral from their healthcare provider, and it’s required for Medicare and Medicaid participants to receive coverage.

To register, visit For course times and locations, call Troy Bailey at 307-885-5932 or email