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Wyoming coal

Governor notes possibilities at Kemmerer facilities

◆ Gov. Gordon gives overview of work with fossil fuels. The Kemmerer power plant facilities and new developments in carbon capture were included in Gov. Mark Gordon’s comments to the 2020 Wyoming Press Association (WPA) Convention in Casper, Jan. 24….

Senator Barrasso weighs in on energy

◆ “Coal is critical to the base energy that we need to power this country….” U.S. Senator John Barrasso spoke with SVI Media’s Duke Dance this week on the Weekday-Wake-Up morning radio show. During the interview, Barrasso addressed the energy…

Coal production falls to 20-year low

By Camille Erickson Casper Star-Tribune Via- Wyoming News Exchange CASPER — After a searing summer for Wyoming’s coal country, new federal production data paints a troubling economic outlook for the Powder River Basin. Coal production in the basin sank to…

As West Coast shuns coal, states like Wyoming will face difficult choices

By Heather Richards Casper Star-Tribune Via Wyoming News Exchange CASPER — If Oregon, Washington and California ditch coal, it may leave Wyoming’s largest utility, and its customers, holding a bag they don’t want to carry, officials told lawmakers Monday. Wyoming…