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TEXT-IN RESPONSES: COVID-19 Vaccine Verification?

The CDC is telling states to be ready to distribute a coronavirus vaccine by November. The letter by the CDC describes two unnamed vaccine candidates, each of which would require two doses spaced a few weeks apart. Several vaccines are currently in Phase 3 trials, testing on volunteers. If any are successful, the U.S. has contracts in place to buy hundreds of millions of doses.

Thursday morning during the Weekday Wake-up on SVI Radio, Duke & Dahl asked listeners their opinions in regards to a COVID-19 vaccine and if they would voluntarily get the vaccine. In addition, would listeners support or be okay with any sort of requirement for the vaccine, such as to attend events, enter a business or go to public school. Below are the listener’s responses. Feel free to add your opinion in the comments.

“Vaccines should absolutely be voluntary. As for the COVID-19 vaccine verification discussion – why stop there? People are gross and carry all kinds of disgusting diseases. So if we are going to require verification of being Covid free, let’s add STDs, and any other communicable health condition to the verification list. Then we can all just stay home and never socially connect with anyone. Finally we could achieve world peace. Get real people! As long as their are people – people will have diseases. Verification of vaccination makes zero sense.”

“I didn’t know Star Valley had so many antivaxers. Just kidding. We already give our kids a whole list of vaccines to go to school. What’s one more. However I’m not going to be one of first ones to get it before we learn all of the potential side affects.”

“If a vaccine will allow me to watch University of Utah football in person without a mask shoot me up!!!”

“I feel vaccine should be a choice. I also feel businesses have a right to choose whether they want you in their establishment if you are not vaccinated. Just like they have a right to require a mask.”

“Viruses are constantly changing and mutating. Will people be mandated to get a vaccine every time it mutates and the old vaccine is no longer effective? Where does it stop?”

“November…..that’s strange election month huh lol. No different than mmr still your choice .”

“Hard no on the vaccines. They don’t strengthen immunity, they can also contain dangerous ingredients and often times don’t even work! Why feed the pharmaceutical industry?”

“No way NEVER getting a vaccine that was completely rushed through the process. Just another way for the gov to line the pockets of their medical friends. NO WAY NO WAY!”

“This is the United States, where most of us value our freedom to choose. Since most vaccines (like the yearly flu vaccine) are generally not very effective, I would opt to not get it. The idea that you would have to show proof of vaccination to enter events or go certain places is very reminiscent of the Eastern Block communist countries of the latter part of the last century. I don’t think that is what the US is or represents, at least I hope not!”

“Not only no, but hell no! This disease is so much less deadly than they are making it out to be. Never in my life have I seen anything so twisted.”

“If the vaccines work then they shouldn’t be afraid of the un vaccinated. They should not require anything.”

“So I guess wearing masks at these events won’t be safe now when a vaccine is available? It’s all about the money for the pharmacies then! Stick to your rights people.”

“No no no”

“Most people do not know that vaccines are legally classified as “unavoidably unsafe!” The Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution says, “No person shall be┬ádeprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law.” The 14th Amendment extends this protection. Wake up America and quit giving away your rights!”

“People pay good money for piece of mind if a venue could hold a event with out the risk of infection people would sell the place out because we have all had 7 months of solidarity and isolation.”

“Heck no”

“I had the flu shot once and never been so sick! I’m not one for mandates so count me out! Not big on big events anyway! I think it’ll take me a while to see the┬áside effects long term So no thanks!”

“Requiring a mask is one thing. It’s just like requiring a shirt or shoes to enter a business. However, requiring a vaccine before entering is taking it too far.”

“Absolutely not!!! You are not required to have a flu vaccine why would you be required to have a Covid vaccine.”


“Vaccine free lives matter”

“Proof of vaccination will be easy when we are all required to have a sub dermal tracking chip injected. Simply scan and go…”


Let us know what you think!


  1. Kudos to Duke and Dahl for having the guts to ask these explosive questions on the text-in topics!

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