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Threat to burn down courthouse leads to arrest

EVANSTON (WNE) — Security officers at the Uinta County Complex initiated a lockdown of the building around 9:30 a.m. Thursday, after a local man allegedly threatened to “burn it to the ground.”

Police scanner traffic also indicated the man said, “Heads are going to fly,” as he drove toward the complex while on the phone with local dispatch.

Harley Rhodes, who Evanston Police Lt. Ken Pearson said has an extensive history with local law enforcement, was arrested at the courthouse shortly after making the alleged threats. Pearson said Rhodes was arrested without much of an incident, though he did put up a bit of a struggle.

Uinta County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Brooke Hale said the sheriff’s office responded in support of Harley Rhodes EPD. She said she believes Rhodes, 42, was in contact with someone at the courthouse and a threat was made and at one point during the incident, Rhodes was also on the phone with dispatch.

“He had also called dispatch and was speaking to a dispatcher,” she said, “and he was on the phone with us very upset.”

Pearson said the courthouse lockdown lasted 20 to 25 minutes.

When asked, he said he didn’t think anyone was ever in danger but added, “You never know. He’s been known to have guns before, but he didn’t today.”