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Voss Vision now opened in both Afton and Alpine

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You may have heard of Voss Vision as it has been somewhat of a staple in Afton, Wyoming with Dr. Jenning Voss but now they have a new location for patients to go to in Alpine.

Voss says the new office is only opened on Thursdays for right now, but they are hoping to expand that a bit more.

“We’re kind of limited on what we can do as far as insurance,” Voss said. “Most insurance companies require that you have a certain amount of time that you are in the office if you want to accept most insurances.”

He did say that they can still take a lot of insurances, but there are a couple of exceptions. So he says you will need to double check with them before setting up an appointment at the Alpine location. People can set up an appointment by calling the Afton office as that is where they do their scheduling. He also says that the new office is a little more open for appointments as well right now since it is new.

Voss Vision wants to expand beyond just the usual glasses and contacts that optometry is known for. It is trying to do more medically.

“Every once in a while you’ll have something weird come up or you’ve got some sort of medical condition,” Voss said. “We can absolutely check on that if it is eye related.”

He says primary care doctors often refer patients to him if there is an infection or something they are not as comfortable treating. He says optometrists can treat medical related issues as it relates to the eye.

“So any time pink eye comes up or some sort of foreign body in the eye… we can fix that, we can help that out,” Voss said. “And when we do so we bill it to medical insurance because those are all considered medical conditions not eye insurance or vision insurance.”

Voss also says that he has worked really hard to keep technology up-to-date in the office to be able to provide the best care for his patients. He compares the medical industry’s technology to cell phones. Within a couple of years it can feel obsolete. He says it is no different in the medical profession.

“We’ve been trying to stay up with the latest and greatest,” Voss said. “Some things, the old stuff is better so we haven’t updated every aspect, but we’ve done a lot of updates to make sure that the technology stays up where it needs to be.”

He says it is good to make sure you get your eyes checked out on an annual basis. If you would like to set up an appointment you can call Voss Vision at (307) 885-3975 or click here.