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Will wolves be delisted this time around?

Wolf management practices and the protected status of wolf populations in the Lower 48 states are again in the news this week.

U.S. wildlife officials are planning to lift protections for gray wolves in the Lower 48 states.

In November 2018 The U.S.   House of Representatives passed the “Manage our Wolves Act” to delist wolves in the Lower 48 states.

Acting Interior Secretary David Bernhardt is expected to announce a delisting proposal this week at a wildlife conference in Denver.

To date, wolves in the Northern Rockies have been delisted. The area includes Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. Wolves across the rest of the contiguous United States remain listed as an Endangered Species.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has attempted to delist gray wolves multiple times in the last several years. The attempts have been met with intense opposition from environmental groups.

SVI Media will continue to follow this developing story.