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3 Fun Ways To Get Outside This Fall

3 Fun Ways To Get Outside This Fall

Shorter days and colder temperatures can tempt you to stay inside once summer is over. That said, you shouldn’t let the change of seasons keep you from all the wonderful outdoor experiences autumn has to offer. The leaves are gorgeous, the air is crisp, and the world is full of fall festivities. Even more importantly, spending time outside helps to boost your mood and keep you active. Make sure you get enough fresh air this season with these fun ways to get outside this fall.

Take a Trip To the Farm

For many people, it’s not autumn until you visit the corn maze, pumpkin patch, or apple orchard. In many areas, you can find all three at once. Spend an afternoon roaming your community’s most festive farms. You can buy pumpkins for decorating or cooking or feast on delicious seasonal treats like cider or caramel apples. Take the time to explore the corn maze, visit a haunted house, or go on a cozy hayride. Just make sure you look up COVID-19 guidelines ahead of time so that you can be safe and respectful of your fellow visitors.

Go on an Outdoor Adventure

Are you and your family looking for an excuse to travel this fall? While airplanes and crowded hotels aren’t the best ideas right now, there are ways to travel safely. Road trips and camping trips allow you to explore the outdoors without coming across other people or crowded areas. Visit national parks or nature reserves to get your fill of the beauty and diversity the natural world has to offer. Visit the iconic Colorado wildlife, or stay close to home by heading to Yellowstone in its glorious off-season. No matter where you go, outdoor trips are easily some of the most fun ways to get outside this fall.

Enjoy a Bonfire

Nothing makes a chilly night better than gathering around a warm, crackling fire. Whether you’re taking advantage of your fireplace or lighting a bonfire in the yard, there’s something about an open fire that complements autumn perfectly. Grab your favorite campfire foods to roast hot dogs or make s’mores. You can tell stories, play games, or simply enjoy each other’s presence as you admire the warmth and beauty of the firelight.