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Conrad & Bischoff will soon have new owners, KJ’s Super Stores changing name

A new name will be coming for all KJ’s stores in the region, including the one in Alpine. (Photo provided by EIN)

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IDAHO FALLS — Conrad & Bischoff, the owner of KJ’s Super Stores and other fuel-related businesses in Idaho, has been purchased by one of the fastest-growing petroleum product companies in America.

Parkland USA announced Friday it has acquired 14 KJ’s retail stores in Idaho, two in Wyoming and one in Utah, according to a news release. Conrad & Bischoff also operates two Shell-branded sites in Jackson, Wyoming and Elko, Nevada.

The Idaho Falls-based company is one of the largest fuel distributors and lubricant businesses in the state. Conrad & Bischoff’s previous owners, brothers Kirk and Jim Hansen Jr., were killed in a November 2019 plane crash along with their father and six other family members.

“Our assets, including our extensive rail networks and storage facilities, make a strong infrastructure connection for Parkland’s existing operations in Utah, Colorado, Montana and the Dakotas,” said Jared Neville, board member of Conrad & Bischoff. “This will provide our employees more growth opportunities and enable even greater service for our customers.”

The acquisition is expected to be finalized by July. KJ’s Super Stores will be converted to ‘On The Run,’ Parkland’s national brand, according to a company spokeswoman.