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County Assessor: “substantial increases” coming for area property tax

“You will see substantial increases in your assessments for property tax purposes.” – Lincoln County Assessor Debbie Larson

◆ Most sales coming from out-of-state purchases.

Property sales in north Lincoln County have been setting new records in the past year.

“We have had more sales, than in the 32 years that I have been in this office,” Lincoln County Assessor Debbie Larson said in an interview with SVI Media this week.

In addition to the increased sales, the amount of each sale has also increased both during and after the COVID-19 time period. Larson noted many of the sales have involved out-of-state purchases. “It’s amazing how many out-of-staters have come in and brought property,” Larson explained. “We are finding most of the sales were from out-of-state.”

She noted, “We had some $10 million sales in the county.”

All of the sales factor into a statewide formula used to establish property taxes in the county.

“Working the sales, we have to be at fair market value,” the assessor explained. “We utilize sales to determine values for assessment purposes.”

She continued, “Almost every sale we worked, we were very low on our values in comparison to what the sales were.”

Despite trying to work within the system and keep values down, the assessor advised the assessments will increase.

“You will see substantial increases in your assessments for property tax purposes,” she advised, referencing the notices mailed out this week. “We did the very best we could to help keep them as low as we can, but we have the statistical analysis and ratios we have to meet to be in compliance with the state board.”

Larson noted the importance of working in compliance with state direction. “We don’t want the state board coming in and setting our values because we try to keep it as low as we can possibly can and be realistic and reasonable,” she said.

“We did the best we could do to be fair and equitable and be in compliance,” Larson said. “So hopefully, if you have any questions when you get your notices, give us a call. We will do the best we can to verify what we have done and explain what the process is and help you understand the process.”

Larson concluded, “It was very challenging year, very stressful. It kind of makes it very sad to watch what is going on. Very much the changing times.”

Again, the Larson emphasized, “Please contact us if you have questions. We will answer them to the very best of our ability and try to substantiate the process to you. We are here to help you through the process. It’s been a grueling year. It’s going to be hard on the property owners. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll try to explain it the best we can.”


In the meantime, as other areas of the state are experiencing or starting to experience what Lincoln County is going through with the rapid change in property values, the Wyoming Legislature has put Property Tax Issues as the number one priority for the Revenue Committee in coming year.

In a report that will be presented to the Legislature’s Management Council on Friday, April 8, the Revenue Chairmen advise “The Committee will review issues related to property taxes including consideration of property tax relief programs, the State Board of Equalization, property taxes on second homes, and property tax administration in general. This topic will also include a review of governmental property tax exemptions and how those are applied.”

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  1. I expected a couple hundred dollar increase. My taxes are going up $1,500.00

    Difficult for fixed income people.

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