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Economic development firm advising Kemmerer City on downtown revitalization project

Kemmerer City Administrator Brian Muir says it is working with an economic development firm on best steps to take with the downtown revitalization project.

This is all in part of implementing the diversification and expansion of the economy which Downtown Redevelopment helped to draft a plan back in October. Muir says he shared the plan with this economic firm and it came back with some “interesting ideas”.

“One of the opportunities we have downtown is the JCPenney Golden Rule Store,” Muir said. “One suggestion they had… was perhaps putting in like a 50’s diner on one side and a donut shop and coffee shop up on the other side, share some resources, and then put some living space up above.”

He says it is a good historical building with a lot of opportunity.

“It’s got good bones,” Muir said. “When you look at the downtown area there’s a lot of buildings with good bones.”

He cited another example in the old Kemmerer Hotel building. He says there is also some areas between the Golden Rule Store and Grumpys that the city owns.

“Lots of opportunities for some entrepreneurs to come in and do some good things,” Muir said.

He says the city will continue to work with the Kemmerer Historical Preservation Committee, the zoning board, and the city council on trying to guide the future of downtown. He also says that is one way the community can get involved. He says there are a couple of openings on the zoning board and there are some openings on the Preservation Committee.