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Kemmerer City says it received helpful advice for downtown renovations

Kemmerer City Administrator, Brian Muir, says the Downtown Redevelopment group recently met with the community and received some helpful advice on how to spruce up downtown.

He says everyone’s response was helpful as over 200 surveys were given to the company which gave Downtown Redevelopment some good feedback.

“They gave us a lot of recommendations and ideas,” Muir said. “Told us some of our strengths and weaknesses and such.”

He says one idea that was given was the need to fill in some empty spaces with things like picnic tables and pocket parks people can come enjoy. He says the Triangle is one area that could use some of these aspects in particular.

Another aspect Muir mentions the company gave feedback on is updating the building regulations.

“Enforcing all of our codes through the community, building codes and property codes,” Muir said. “Make everything look good everywhere.”

He also says another aspect that is really needed is bring in new businesses. One idea Downtown Redevelopment gave was to have a coffee or donut shop and some restaurants.

“Draw more people down there,” Muir said.

He says one aspect that really impressed the company was the movie theater saying it’s “impressive” the local cinema does well in a small population.