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KICK IT OR KEEP IT: “Clouds” by Zach Sobiech

Kick It or Keep It this week returns to the year 2012, when a song was released by Zach Sobiech. Zach’s hit song “Clouds” has returned to the top of the iTunes and other music streaming services after a video was released detailing his life, which was taken by cancer in May of 2013.

Zach was from Lakeland, Minnesota and was a member of the band A Firm Handshake. The single “Clouds” gained extensive media attention on YouTube, prior to Sobiech’s death. It charted on the Billboard Hot 100, eventually becoming a hit also in the UK, Canada and France.

The movie Clouds depicts Zach’s senior year of high school and the last year of his life, including his rise to fame as a musician while fighting cancer.  The film premiered on Disney+ October 16.

To learn more about Zach’s life and the donation fund which has been set up in his name, visit 

If you like the song “Clouds” vote to keep it. If you don’t, vote to kick it. Vote by texting 307-203-4637. Voting ends at 12:00 noon on Monday, October 19.