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New Podcast Joins SVI Media

Listen to the January 12th, and first, edition of “Unsportsmanlike Conduct” – a new podcast on SVI Media.


(Sportsville, WY)

SVI Media is pleased to announce a new podcast joining its library: “Unsportsmanlike Conduct” with Aaron Feeley and Dahl Erickson.

Aaron Feeley is a sports producer with SVI Media, covering Jackson Hole broadcasts. He will go up against Star Valley sports broadcaster Dahl Erickson each week in a banter and discussion regarding the sports world.  The first episode, which aired Wednesday, started off with a bang. “We dove into the college football championship game…  and we gave our ‘insider analysis’ on the upcoming [NFL] playoffs,” Feeley said. “And we agree about almost everything.”

That last statement may or may not be said with a large sarcastic tone, particularly as the two sportscasters hail from different ends of the spectrum when it comes to affiliates. In the NFL world, Aaron pledges allegiance to the Chicago Bears, while Dahl has been known for years as a Washington [insert mascot name here] fan. Of course, the two broadcast sports for rival high schools, as Jackson Hole and Star Valley have a bitterly-strong rivalry dating back for decades. That dynamic in and of itself will certainly bring interesting conversation.

“Well, I’m gonna shred him on [the rivalry talk] though.” Dahl said. “He’s bringing a knife to a gun fight there.”

After that comment, Aaron asked for a refresher of the 2021 football matchup between Star Valley and Jackson, which immediately prompted a disgusted grunt from Dahl.

The differences certainly make for some fun fireworks, which will make any listener giggle as Aaron and Dahl banter when they release their episodes every Wednesday night. The podcast can be listened to for free at as well as on a number of Podcast streaming platforms.

Dahl and Aaron spoke with Swift 98 about their new podcast: