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New tax districts proposed in effort to pass 6th penny tax

A group of local towns and communities have joined together to propose new legislation to the Wyoming Association of Municipalities (WAM) at a statewide convention to create taxing districts, so they can have better control, geographically, on the 6th penny tax.

Brian Muir, Kemmerer City Administrator, said during a live interview on SVI Radio that “This legislation would give us the ability to…create a taxing district based on another geographic boundary…to help us raise revenue specifically for our area without having to rely on the whole county to do that.”

The proposal was well received yesterday and other municipalities supported it, Muir said.

“We’re hoping they vote on it today, so we can get a legislator to sponsor that legislation and move ahead, so we can provide the services we need for our communities,” Muir said.

He said this legislation is based on local control. He and his team are trying to remain optimistic as they await the vote from the body of delegates determining whether or not they will receive the support from WAM.

Muir stated that the initiative is based around the idea of the recent 6th penny tax, which was proposed as a way for towns in Lincoln County to raise money for infrastructure improvements and maintenance.  The measure failed on the ballot last fall.  The 6th penny received more support in southern Lincoln County than in the north. Muir said creating a new tax district would allow towns in southern Lincoln to vote on the 6th penny tax without needed a vote in north Lincoln County.

Muir said, “Local legislators have been very supportive in general. We could do more with educating them about why we’re doing what we’re doing, but this is a good first step before we do that.