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Prescribed Fires Planned for the Kemmerer Ranger District

The following is a release from the U.S. Forest Service

Kemmerer Wyo., May 12, 2021— The Kemmerer Ranger District is planning to ignite two prescribed fire units in the Hams Fork Vegetation Project area. These areas could be implemented as early as mid-May 2021. Smoke impacts should remain minimal due to the short duration of the burns and remote location.

  • Basin Creek Rx is a 27-acre unit located off forest road 10062, near Basin Creek, approximately 3-miles east of Kelly Guard Station.
  • Nugent Rx is a 68-acre unit located in the vicinity of Tunp Ridge approximately 10-miles northeast of Cokeville.

The Hams Fork Vegetation Project area is a multi-unit area covering approximately 74,267-acres. The goal is to develop a diverse mix of vegetation, reduce fuel loading to help minimize the intensity of future wildland fires, and stimulate the regeneration of aspen stands by reducing conifer encroachment. This will be accomplished through a variety of methods to include, timber sales, prescribed fire, pile burning, and mechanical treatments. This project is an interagency cooperative effort with Wyoming Game & Fish, Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative and the Bridger-Teton National Forest.

Prescribed fires are managed under a precise set of parameters know as a “prescriptions” which include overall project objectives, temperature, wind speed and direction, relative humidity, current and expected forecast, and fuel conditions, as well as available firefighting resources, and time of season. Before burning, fire managers ensure that all the parameters are within their prescribed fire plan so the operations can be conducted safely, and objectives can be met.

Fire management personnel will utilize both ground and aviation resources to safely conduct these prescribed fire operations. Smoke impacts from these operations will be minimal due to the smaller size of the units, remote location, and short duration of each burn. Fire managers will be coordinating with Wyoming air quality and will monitor weather conditions closely in the days prior to, and during the prescribe fire ignitions. Firefighters will continue to work in the area several days after ignitions to patrol and manage for public safety.

Local notifications will take place as well as social media postings alerting the public when these burns will be implemented. For more information contact the Kemmerer Ranger District at 307 828 5100, visit or follow the Bridger-Teton National Forest Facebook page.