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Registration open for FitEx program

◆ FitEx is designed to help with healthy lifestyle patterns.

Registration for the UW Extension Fall 2020 FitEX session is open October 1 through October 9, 2020. Competition launches October 11 and runs through December 5.

“Fit-Ex is a fun, free and easy program that promotes regular physical activity, fruit, and vegetable intake all bundled into a healthy competition,” said Shelley Balls, Lincoln County Nutrition and Food Safety Educator. “Some new things have been added to this session including some fun competitions with Virginia, a Facebook Live presentation of some fun physical activity ideas and a delicious snack demonstration.”

The eight-week competition is team-based and is designed to increase physical activity and improve eating habits.

To participate, individuals and teams should do the following:

Step 1: Find a team of five people – friends, family or co-workers.

Step 2: Set a goal for how many “miles” your team will finish in eight weeks. A “FitEx mile” is one mile of walking or running, or any 15-minute period of moderate physical activity, such as aerobics. Set a goal for the number of cups of fruits and vegetables you will eat during the eight weeks.

Step 3: Choose a captain and a team name. This session, there will be a contest for the best team name.

Step 4: Captains, register your team members (by email address) at Use your email address as your username. Record your password, so that you will remember it. Select Wyoming and your county when registering. Virginia will also be doing the fall session of FitEx, so there will be some friendly competitions and contests between the two states throughout this session.

Step 5: On October 11, FitEx competition begins.

Step 6: Sign in to your FitEx page regularly to log the number of miles you have gone and the number of cups of fruits and vegetables that you have eaten.

Step 7: View the FitEx tracking charts to see how you are doing. Watch your team work together towards your goal and compare your team to others across Wyoming and in Virginia!

If you are interested in participating, but are unable to enlist a team of 5 individuals, visit with Denise Smith, University of Wyoming Extension Educator, who can combine you or your smaller group with others who need more team members.

“The team environment and the online tracking help participants achieve their goals throughout the eight-week competition,” said Balls. “Teams set their own goals and track their minutes of activities and their intake of fruits and vegetables to compete for prizes. Facebook posts, newsletters, recipes, feedback, competition for motivation and prizes for the winning teams and individuals are all part of the program.

The program is easy and fun to do and a great motivator as you know others are counting on you.”
FitEx is an inclusive program that welcomes all individuals and a wide range of abilities. Any type of physical activity in a 15-minute duration counts as a FitEx mile. Officials encourage participants to visit with their healthcare provider with questions about safe and appropriate activities for individuals and team members. Contact the research team at to discuss any individual or team needs.

“With the Covid-19 pandemic still affecting all our lives, FitEx is a great program to help us connect virtually to our family, friends, co-workers and teammates through healthy competition,” said Balls. “So, get your team registered and get ready for eight weeks of walking and healthy eating!”

For more information, contact Denise Smith at 307-334-3534 or or contact Shelley Balls at 307-885-3132 or