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Silver Star Broadband expansion update

◆ Work continues at a fevered pitch.

By Eric Gewiss
Silver Star Director of Marketing and Public Relations

We are still moving at a frantic pace with our construction efforts in upper/southern Star Valley. Here is the update for Week 3.
Last week:
• We placed 56 Fiber vaults in Afton proper.
• Construction happened on 6th street in Afton heading south as well as Jefferson and Jackson streets and Twin Cliffs Road.
• We were blowing fiber into conduit on Happy Valley and Dry Creek Roads.
This week:
We are continuing construction in these locations:
• In Afton continued construction on 5th and 6th Ave, Adams, Jefferson, and Jackson St.
• Twin Cliffs Road main cable and drops (construction from the roads to homes)
• Hwy 236 main cable construction
• Boring crews placing conduit all around the Fairview area
• Continuing main cable construction on Highway 241
• Main construction and drops on Happy Valley Road, Dry Creek Road and Nield Ave
• Main line construction on Hwy 238
• Construction near Osmond on Lancaster Lane, Bowles Lane and Hialeah Road
• Contractor crews placing drops in Grover.

We have about 1,000 people signed up but need more so we can keep the construction moving. Please remember, when you talk to people about the grant, we must finish this project by the end of December, so the clock is ticking. Once the grant is closed at the end of the year, the funding for free construction to peoples’ homes will no longer exist and in many areas, the DSL and fixed wireless internet services will be decommissioned.

There are a lot of registrations that still need to occur in order to reach our 2,151 locations/2,600 customers so as you talk with residents, please encourage them to go to and click on the Fiberhood Finder ( link at the top of the page to sign up.
Please ask them to call our customer service department at 883-2411 with any questions.
We are hosting a virtual Q&A with Silver Star to give an overview of the southern Star Valley grant opportunity and to answer questions about process. This will happen on September 9th from 6-7 pm. Go to Silver Star Communications’ Facebook page and click on Events.
Space is limited.

Please reach out to me anytime with any questions.

Thank you and have a great week!

Eric Gewiss
Director of Marketing & Public Relations