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Swift Idol Contestants: Meet Tanner Adell

The Fall River Propane Swift Idol is coming up on August 2nd and eight contestants will be competing for the chance at $6,000.

Tanner Adel from Lindon, Utah is another contestant. She is going to school there and although she’s not necessarily a local to Star Valley, she is at heart.

“My grandma was actually born and raised (here),” Adel said. “So we’ve got a little place up there and I spend about three months out of the year every summer in Star Valley.”

It was a close family-friend that told her about Swift Idol and this person told her she needed to compete. Adel loves to create videos of her singing on her social media outlets and she has even released a single.

She released it last summer and she called it “kind of a test run” because she is working on her sound. She writes all of her own music and has been working hard to put together a full length album.

“I’m starting to work with some collaborators,” Adel said. “I just love like the group effort honestly.”

She is hoping to release the album the end of this year or early next year. Adel says her genre is Pop R & B, which is very familiar to her. She said her parents adopted her and her father raised her on it.

“My dad is like huge into early jazz, and like the 80’s, that 90’s R & B,” Adel said. “So whenever we were in the car together, literally, that is what we would listen to.”

So her inspirations for her music are artists like Diana Ross and Destiny’s Child. She says as she writes as sings more now, she can definitely see the influence on her music.

Swift Idol is August 2nd and you can pre-purchase tickets here.