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Wyoming wolves

Wolf hunt ends 20 short of limit

PINEDALE (WNE) — The 2020 wolf-hunting season in Wyoming’s trophy game management area closed as the New Year began last week, with only 31 gray wolves taken from a limit of 51. Game and Fish manages gray wolves, which are…

Biologist works to separate wolf fact from fiction

By Lew Freedman Cody Enterprise Via- Wyoming News Exchange CODY — Wolves seen as bogeymen of the ecological landscape, has been the animal’s fate for a century or more, but much of what people say about them is based on…

Wyoming News Briefs: August 28, 2019

SVI Media is part of the Wyoming News Exchange. These stories come courtesy of the WNE.   Saratoga man convicted of possession of nearly quarter pound of meth  RAWLINS (WNE) – A Saratoga man caught earlier this year with nearly…