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TEXT IN TOPIC RESPONSES: Should Wyoming’s Congressional Delegation Vote to Certify the Electoral College Presidential Vote?

The U.S. Congress will vote on January 6 to certify the Electoral College. This is typically a routine and quiet process. Not the case this year amidst allegations of voter fraud and irregulates in key swing states such as Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin and Michigan. A certifying vote from Congress would all but seal the victory for Joe Biden to become the next president of the United States. However, President Trump continues to assert that Biden only won amidst fraud and irregularities.

The Wyoming Republican Party sent a letter to Wyoming’s Congressional representatives, including Senator’s John Barrasso and Cynthia Lummis and Representative Liz Cheney. The letter stated that “The issue Wyoming people are calling, writing, texting and stating extreme concern over is the federal election. Extensive evidence has surfaced that has led Wyoming Republican’s to doubt the integrity of our presidential election in numerous states.” The letter encouraged Wyoming’s Congressional Delegation to “object to all state’s Electoral College votes in those states where irregularities and fraud have been documented.”

Representative Liz Cheney released a statement on Monday, January 4, stating that she plans to vote in favor of certifying the Elector College results. In the statement, Cheney says “Objecting to these electoral slates would unavoidably assert that Congress has the authority to overturn elections and overrule stats and federal courts. That would set an exceptionally dangerous precedent, threatening to steal state’ explicit constitutional responsibility for choosing the President and bestowing it instead on Congress. This is directly at odds with the Constitution’s clear text and our core beliefs as Republicans.”

Senator Cynthia Lummis, however, announced over the weekend that she will join a handful of other Senators in not voting to certify the Electoral College. On her twitter account, Lummis said “A fair and credible audit – conducted expeditiously and completed well before Jan. 20 -would dramatically improve Americans’ faith in our electoral process and would significantly enhance the legitimacy of whoever becomes our next President.”

Senator Barrasso has been quiet on his response to the matter, with no released statements on how he plans to vote.

During the Weekday Wake-up on SVI Radio (Swift 98 and The Spur), Duke & Dahl asked listeners who they agreed with when it comes to Congress’s vote to certify the Electoral College. Do you agree with Representative Cheney’s response or Senator Lummis? Below are their responses. Feel free to add your comments at the bottom of the page.

Support Lummis

“It is quite obvious that there have been many shenanigans fiddling with election results. They appear in large part to benefit sleepy Joe. I hope the truth will prevail. I’m for lummus, Cheney is just another one of the swamp monsters.”

“So we’re teaching our kids it’s ok to cheat!! I’m for Lumus.”

“If the Dems have nothing to hide then let the audit proceed. Cheney is absolutely wrong on this point. Constitutional elections must be preserved and trusted! If no real audit is done, trust in our free election process is done.”

“Lummis #trump2020 Biden cheated!”

“It’s time Liz Cheney is voted out. Hopefully were not that stupid in Wyoming to keep something like that in. There wasn’t a fair election in those swing states, all anyone should want is to make sure it’s fair. People have to believe the fact that Joe Biden got 15 million more votes than Obama or Hillary Clinton. That simply didn’t happen.”

“I am in favor of maintaining the freedom of the election set forth by our founders. Stand up AGAINST the fraud that will destroy the integrity of the election process!!!”

“We must have an audit. If you were able to cheat this time and we do not check for fraud then they will be able to get away with it in future elections.”

“Lummis for sure. The process was flawed.”

“I support an audit of the voting in the states that have claimed voter fraud or irregularities. It wouldn’t hurt to have some neutral people look at what happened on Election Day. If they find a problem, or if they don’t, I would feel more confidence in the results.”

“Liz Cheney is a “globalist” and is entrenched in the deep state. Pennsylvania didn’t obey their constitution, but changed it to be able to rig the election. I agree with Lummis we need to do a fair audit of questionable voting practices in some states.”

“I agree with Lummis 100% Cheney is a Rino like her father and goes with his principles which is against our current president. How can someone win a election from their basement without fraud.”

“An investigation needs to be done.”

Support Cheney

“Cheney is right. Nearly every state in “question” has a republican legislature who runs the election. Over 40 republican appointed judges have tossed every one of the cases for no evidence. If the dems were smart enough to do what is accused why would they have not done it down ballot. Republicans didn’t lose at all, Trump did. Crooked Hillary lost almost every one of these states in question by fewer votes and didn’t throw a tantrum. Trumps fundraising campaign, at the expense of belief in our democracy, really shows who can think critically. And these Republican controlled states all did audits already. You can do more audits and the same fools still won’t accept reality.”

“As little of a fan I am of Cheney…I am impressed with her stand on supporting our democracy.”

“No, Nonsense, always have “irregularities” that the losers claim in a close election.”

“Loomis is an idiot puppet.”

“I’m disappointed that Cynthia Lummis has joined the crowd to try and derail our democracy. She just lost my vote.”

Other Responses

“I don’t believe it was a honest election but I’m afraid that whoever perseveres 50 percent of the country will never accept it.”

“The American people will lose no matter what happens tomorrow. If an audit moves forward it will set the precedent that states/congress who oppose presidential election results can override the election process. If the audit does not go forward then the precedent is set that states can rig elections to get the results they want – rather than letting the voters decide. It’s a lose-lose situation. And no matter what happens January 6 the American people’s faith in the system has been compromised.”

Let us know what you think!