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TEXT-IN TOPIC RESPONSES: What is your reaction to Nuclear energy in Kemmerer?

Kemmerer has been selected as the site of the first nuclear facility in Wyoming. TerraPower announced Tuesday that they plan to build the Natrium Reactor Demonstration Project near the Naughton Power Plant following an extensive evaluation process and meetings with community members and leaders.

The announcement came the day after President Biden signed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, allowing the Department of Energy to invest $1.5 billion in Wyoming’s energy sector.

TerraPower anticipates submitting the demonstration plant’s construction permit application to the NRC in mid 2023. The plant is expected to be operational in the next seven years.

According to estimates, approximately 2,000 workers will be needed for construction at the projects’ peak. Once the plant is operational, approximately 250 people will support day-to-day activities. 

During the Weekday Wakeup the morning after the announcement was made, Duke and Dahl asked listeners what their reaction is to the announcement that the facility would be build in Kemmerer. Below are their responses.

“The optimist in me rejoices because a nuclear power plant will bring jobs and more to Lincoln County. The realist in me has serious doubts that Gates and his liberal friends will ever actually build a nuclear power plant. That self-same realist knows the environmental case for closing coal power plants is pretty slim. Since the coal plant must close before the nuclear plant can proceed, the pessimist in me smells a massive bait and switch scheme.”

“Outstanding!!!! Nuclear energy is inexpensive, renewable and yes it is safe!!! People have to get Chernobyl out of their head!”

“I think nuclear is a great idea. I also think it’s a tragedy that we are going away from Coal.. Coal has been wonderful and was a very very good source of energy. The International trend away from coal is due to political correctness, not common sense It is too bad common sense cannot prevail political correctness is so destructive!”

“What are they going to do with the salt water, ship it to Salt Lake? We’ll see.”

“Western Wyoming welcomes the Simpsons. D’oh”

“The waist won’t be a problem you can just send it all the Washington with all the rest of the waist.”

“I think it’s awesome! Nuclear technology has come a long way.”

“Might as well build it people’s hair colors are already crazy.”

“It might help the economy! Let’s ask president trump when he comes to Casper on may 28th 2022.”

“Good news if it explodes we will die fast lol.”

“Great news for Lincoln County! We need a new grocery store! Wish Broulim’s would build one here!!”


“How many people will still be alive by time it’s built takes a long time to complete it.”

“This is amazing. Big win for Lincoln County. I’m so excited I’m glowing!!”

“It’s very exciting. I know lots of good people in Kemmmerer & the economy has been suffering in recent years, this will be a super boost to the economy & think what it will do for the schools.”

“First they take away our coal. then they take away our oil and our pipelines. And we’re supposed to be ok with this? Remember Japan.”

“I think it’s great that the new power plant is in our county and in Wyoming. We need to develop cleaner energy sources.”

“I think it’s great! It will bring a lot of jobs which Kemmerer desperately needs.”

“Super excited!!”

Let us know what you think!