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5 Common Off-Road Problems You May Face

5 Common Off-Road Problems You May Face

Off-roading is incredibly fun; however, because you are challenging your vehicle, you may run into some issues. If you are inexperienced, it’s important that you prepare for any breakdowns by having the proper tools and adjusting your driving style on a trail. Find out about the five common off-road problems you may face.

Transmission Problems

After going on an off-road trip, you might come out of it with transmission problems. Many off-road vehicles, like Jeep Wranglers, have stick shifts. If you aren’t used to that style of driving, it can cause wear and tear. Some issues you might come across include a delay as you shift, strange noises, the transmission warning light turning on, and more after an off-road adventure.

Wheel Misalignment

Because you are overcoming some tough terrain like rock formations, hills, ditches, and more when you go off-road, you might also have wheel misalignment. Wheel misalignment might be noticeable once you get on a normal road, but you can check by seeing if your vehicle veers to one side or another for a quick moment by letting go of the wheel.

Exterior Damage

Off-roading trails also have a ton of different outside forces that your vehicle will have to deal with, such as rocks. This can also cause some dents, scrapes, and other forms of body damage. The best way to prevent this is by investing in body armor for your off-roading vehicle, but you can also repair any scratches with touch-up paint.

Tire Damage

Going into an off-roading trip, it’s recommended that your tire pressure is a little bit lower than normal so that it can handle the different formations on the ground. If there is damage done to your tires, you should prepare with a spare tire and repair kit. If you notice someone else is dealing with this issue, it’s common trail etiquette to help them out with their damaged tire.

Undercarriage Damage

Your vehicle’s undercarriage is one area of the car that is the most exposed, but it’s also one we tend to forget. However, there are common off-roading problems you may face that lie underneath your vehicle. It’s essential that you check your undercarriage for any leaks, missing or loose parts, and other areas that may be damaged from a trail.