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Construction permit submitted for Natrium reactor

The site of the Natrium reactor south of Kemmerer. The Naughton Power Plant near Kemmerer can be seen in the distance. PHOTO/DAN DOCKSTADER

• Kemmerer and Lincoln County respond to permit from Regulatory Commission.

TerraPower reported Friday, Mar. 29 the company had submitted it’s construction permit application to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for the NatriumTM reactor demonstration project south of Kemmerer.

TerraPower is the first to submit a construction permit application for a commercial advanced reactor to the NRC.

The announcement brought positive responses from the City of Kemmerer and the Lincoln County Commission.

Members of the Wyoming Legislature’s Mineral’s Business and Economic Develop- ment Committee received a briefing from representatives of Terra Power during a May, 2023 meeting in Kemmerer. PHOTO/DAN DOCKSTADER

City of Kemmerer

“This is one more important step in our partnership with TerraPower in moving forward the Natrium(tm) nuclear plant in helping our community, the State of Wyoming, and the World,” Kemmerer Mayor Bill Thek said in a statement sent to SVI Media.

Kemmerer City Administrator Brian Muir, added, “I am excited to see the continued progress made by TerraPower with CEO Chris Levesque’s announcement that they have filed the required NRC construction permit. “

He continued, “With recent visits to Kemmerer by the DOE and other federal agency representatives assuring us of their commitment to the project, and the upcoming earthwork being done by Bechtel on the sodium test facility, things continue to move ‘full steam’ ahead.”

Muir pointed to the new jobs coming to the Lincoln County community. “We are also pleased to recently hear that in addition to 150-plus workers coming to our community this summer, TerraPower is also hiring eight new full time positions right here in Kemmerer.”

The city administrator noted the following TerraPower jobs coming to Kemmerer:

• Maintenance & Technical Training Manager

• Maintenance and Technical Training Instructor

• Maintenance Execution Manager

• Nuclear Security Manager

• Nuclear Software Program Manager

• Operations (Commissioning) Engineer

• Operations Training Instructor

• Program and Procedure Development Manager

Muir said more details about these jobs can be found at:

“We’re already feeling the positive effects of this power plant with revitalizing businesses in our downtown Triangle, more jobs, and more investment in commercial and residential real estate,” Muir concluded. “We are working hard with community stakeholders and developers to provide the temporary and permanent workforce housing needed to help these workers locate to South Lincoln County.”

An artist rendering of the facility which will be located just outside Kemmerer and Diamondville.

Lincoln County

The Lincoln County Commission released a formal statement with Friday’s news of the construction permit.

“On behalf of Lincoln County the County Commissioners want to congratulate CEO Chris Levesque and Project Director Tara Neider of Terra Power as they successfully submitted their  federal construction permit for the first phase of the Terra Power Natrium Plant.”

The commissioner’s statement continued, “This is a major step forward in a process benefiting not only Southwest Wyoming but the future of energy production in Wyoming. There have been many participants supporting Terra Power in our communities.

“The South Lincoln County Economic Development Corporation is brokering communications by linking all the industries and businesses.

“The cities of Kemmerer and Diamondville are promoting new small businesses and are bringing permanent homes to their communities.

“The Wyoming Highway Department is assisting with road access for safe travel in and around the plant site.

“Western Wyoming Community College is promoting workforce development and training through new programs.

“The Governor’s office is providing access to the University of Wyoming, the Intergovernmental Working Group, and great policy advisors in major projects and energy.

“Our local state Senators and Representatives continue to travel and promote quality legislation.

“We want to thank all of these supporting partners in Terra Power’s success.”

The Commission also acknowledged the incoming construction workers.

“Lincoln County and Kemmerer/Diamondville are pleased to welcome the Terra Power and Bechtel employees as they arrive and become great community residents.

“We are excited to have you in our communities. You will find our many year round outdoor activities enjoyable and our small local businesses to be open and welcoming. As coal communities across the country are re-imagining local industries and developing transformative initiatives to build stronger, more resilient economies we are proud to be, thanks to Terra Power, on the cutting edge of innovation and energy growth.”

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  1. Outstanding.

    Short-term construction means new jobs.

    Long-term, this project means clean, sustainable energy will actually come on-line from the power plant.

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