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Lincoln County Library System Book Review: “We Love Fishing”

◆ “We Love Fishing” by Ariel Bernstein.

Richard Landreth

By Richard Landreth
Director, Lincoln County Library Systems

It’s almost that time of year again…where everyone LOVES to go fishing! In the picture book “We Love Fishing!” by Ariel Bernstein, Bear, Porcupine, Otter and Squirrel love to fish!

They love walking to the fish pond, fishing from the boat, waiting for fish to bite, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.

But do they ALL really love fishing? Maybe not so much… for Squirrel. Too many bugs, too much rain, too much relaxing, too much fish smell, too much, too much, too much!

This delightful picture book, with fun illustrations, will have everyone laughing out loud… even those that don’t like to fish! “We Love Fishing!” by Ariel Bernstein is available to enjoy through the Lincoln County Library System.